Things to be thankful for

November 23, 2012

Happy thanksgiving, everyone! Today's the first time I celebrated this festival, and I was so lucky to have family around to share it with.

We were asked to think of something we're thankful for, and now it feels like that's my favorite part of the festival. I was sitting at the laundromat yesterday, watching my clothes swirling around in the machine and thinking of that one thing, and I was struck by an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards so many things in my life. It feels great when you can't think of just one thing to be thankful for! So anyway, since I had time to kill, and it was fun to do, I made a little poem out of it. The 'you all' in the poem refers to all the amazing people I could share the day with.

Someone once said that if you can count five people you love unconditionally, and who love you back; you should know that you're living a privileged life. I can think of more than five people, and that gives me more joy than I can describe.

So before going to bed tonight, I encourage all of you to think of one or more things you're thankful for. And if you need inspiration to write a poem about it, I'm sure you'll find a laundromat near where you are.

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  1. Wonderful, Priya! It's so funny that today, on my way to work, I was thinking of doing a Thanksgiving Day post myself for all the wonderful people and experiences in my life.. and I log in to find yours as the first update on my FB Newsfeed :-)
    Hope you have many more things/people to be thankful for next year around! :-)
    Happy Thanksgiving...Have a turkey! ;-)

  2. I'd love to read what all you're thankful for, Shruti! And I wish you the same.

    I'm vegetarian, so I enjoyed the rest of the feast. :D


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