Home is where the sign is

November 30, 2012

Home is certainly where I am these days, thanks to all the work I have. When oh when, will all this work end? It also explains the crumpled up top I'm wearing. *Cough*excuses*cough*!

Getting back to the pursuit of sign knowledge, I realized how I didn't explain the signs I learnt in the last post. They're easier to remember if you know what each gesture stands for. I'm going to rectify that error in this post. I hope the explanations help those of you who are interesting in learning some signs understand what they mean. So, here's what I learnt this week:

Home: Bring the fingers and thumb of your dominant hand (I'm right handed) together, and take it from the part of your cheek near your mouth to the part near the ear. It stands for a place where you eat and sleep.

Work: Make fists out of both hands. With palms downwards, tap your dominant hand against the wrist or side of your non dominant hand. Think of a hammer in use.

School: Using loose flat hands, gently tap the dominant hand on the other. Imagine a teacher trying to get his/her student's attention.

Store: Bring the fingers and thumb of both hands together and bend both wrists. Pivot your hands away from your body twice, like a store door being opened.

Come and go: These ones are pretty simple. Point your index fingers in for 'come' and out for 'go'.

Drive: Again, not too tough to understand. Pretend like you're controlling an imaginary steering wheel.

As I mentioned before, I've always wanted to learn sign language, and one day I hope to be able to converse with only my hands and expressions. I'm learning the basics from this site I found while doing some research. I know sign language is much more complex than what's found on these pages, and soon I want to take proper classes. But this way I have a basic idea of it, which feels good for now.

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