A new look for yet another new year

January 05, 2013

Last year at this time, I'd spent what seemed like a month (but was probably a week) redesigning my blog. Before that, it was simple and very rarely updated. Although I tried to hold on to the former, I'm proud to say the latter isn't true anymore. Through this past year, my blog has been my savoir from the mundane. However, ever so often, I think of redesigning it (which I did a few times in the past year). This is one of those times, and my blog now has a new look! I took a picture of the old design so I have an archive of past looks (I wish I'd done that before, but oh well) and maybe one day I'll have enough to post on here.

There's still a bit of tweaking to be done, but I couldn't stop myself from making it public for you all to see!

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  1. So pretty! Designers have the best-looking blogs, it's not fair. :)

  2. Haha thank you! I remember trying to design it when I didn't know anything about web design. It took me the longest time, but also taught me a whole lot. Now it doesn't seem as tough. :)


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