The 12 months of 2012

January 02, 2013

Hello, everyone! I'm back from some much needed family time and some sun 'n sand. Before I get started (and go on and on) about the past few weeks, here's what my last year was like. There were many things I enjoyed doing and writing about, but I decided to summarize the year by picking one post from each month. And here they are:

January: The new year meant a new look for this humble little blog. It also meant a resolution to invest more time towards it (hence giving me a reason to do interesting things. One cannot get by with the usual 'woke up. ate. watched TV. slept' posts, right?). So, a day spent rappelling, biking and playing paintball came at the right time. It was so much fun!

February: I was also bitten by the craft bug, and my favorite creation was the adventure map that now sits in the study at my home in New Delhi. It marks all the places I want to visit around the world.

March: March was my favorite month of 2012, because I did a lot! Not only did I finally get to paint a wall at home, I also got a chance to cycle around parts of New Delhi that seemed pretty inaccessible till then. For those few hours, it felt like I was in a whole other place, at a different time.

April: Last year, one of the best weekends spent in New Delhi was spent painting the walls of a kindergarten with friends from book club. I miss these guys so much, and look forward to getting back and joining them in many more activities.

May: One of the items crossed off last year's list was making a dress from scratch, without a sewing machine! It was confusing, and time consuming but I did it. Now on to many more things.

June: I got to attend some exhibitions last year, but my favorite was the PIX exhibition that displayed various artists' works that depict freedom. Also, quite recently I was contacted by one of the artists from the exhibition, after he read this post. He's such a happy person, and so interesting. I love how life can be so random!

July: It was quite an achievement to publish 100 posts in 7 months if you ask me. And my sister was home and was able to join me in celebrating this event.

August: My life changed completely this month, and I traveled across the world to study and explore some more. It's been surreal till now, and like a friend told me quite recently, I must take advantage of this time and place. And I will.

September: The highlight of the month was definitely the beautiful wedding we got to attend. So much love and such happiness filled the entire event, and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it.

October: I started working on one of the items off the new list (one that I have wanted to do for a very long time); training for a half marathon. I also registered for a half marathon in March (a few months away. Good lord!).

November: After the historic hurricane Sandy there came another weather disruption for the city. But for me, it was my first snow! It was just for one evening, and most of the snow was gone by the next few days, but it sure was a pretty sight.

December: The city lit up for the holiday season, and I think I did my part in spreading the cheer by sending out some postcards. The highlight of the month, however, was the trip to Mexico with family. But that's for another post.

There's something very ambitious about the beginning of the year, and we all have the enthusiasm to do things we've secretly wanted to for a while. Mine aren't really secret (25 before 25, anyone?), and there are many to be done by August, but the new year enthusiasm makes me feel like I'm prepared for them. So Happy New Year, everyone. And all the best for the things you plan to do in 2013!

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  1. Welcome back!

    Cool, I made September!!

    And I think you have to come over and check out the map we have on our wall that we have at home. We're on the same wavelength :)

  2. Of course you did! And yes, I need to check out that map of yours. I must make a new one for now, and your map will give me the inspiration I need. :D

  3. I'm glad you had a wonderful time in Mexico with your family and a great year in general. January was my favourite and May, this making-a-dress-from-scratch business is amazing.

    Happy new year, Priya.


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