Training Log - And so it begins....

October 24, 2012

Monday was the first day of my half marathon training. I've been wanting to take part in one for the longest time, but being the self-professed procrastinator that I am, it still holds a place on my list.

There are a couple of reasons for wanting to run a half marathon. The first is the thrill of accomplishing something. The second is the want to be fit. Let me be clear, to be fit and not to lose weight. I've tried to maintain a healthy walking/jogging stamina, but now I must focus. It helps that I love jogging outside. Sidewalks are so refreshing (I was deprived of them in New Delhi) and there's just so much to see and distract yourself with.

I started with a short warm up after which I jogged for about 1 mile before having to stop. I had to walk for a bit before I could get back to jogging. By the end of the session, I'd probably jogged about 2 miles. I didn't feel the after effects of the session till the evening, when my head began to ache. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad and I was still up for attending the book club meet.

I'll be putting up my training plan soon. Till then, I hope to hold on to this newfound enthusiasm.

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