Cool blue kitchen

October 11, 2012

A bare, dirty yellow wall is a dangerous thing to have around when you have a history of grabbing paint and going crazy. Such was (and still is) the case with our apartment's kitchen. We live in an old building, and although most of the place was painted before we shifted, the kitchen is a constant reminder of it's age. Yesterday, I took my first step in rectifying this unfortunate turn of color events.

The color would have been fine if it was a few shades lighter and minus the stains, but this also gave me a reason to paint it a refreshingly cool blue, so I take that as the silver lining. I also attacked the kitchen counter with the blue paint. Come on, who wouldn't?

First, I made sure to read up on the basics of painting a wall. My research told me that I must sand down the wall before painting, but the helpful gentleman at the hardware store told me I could skip that step and go straight to the primer. And I have no complaints, sanding a wall seemed like a lot of work!

The primer basically makes the wall an even white, on top of which your paint can go. Before applying the primer, it's a good practice to tape areas like door frames and wall corners with painter's tape, so that you can go crazy with the brush without having to think about it too much. Another helpful tip is to cover the ground with old newspaper or plastic so that the dripping primer and paint don't ruin the floor.

I applied two coats of primer and two of paint, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next.

This is what I'm left with, and I really like the color! Unfortunately I couldn't capture it too well, it's brighter than what it looks like in pictures. I am now itching to do the other two walls so that the whole kitchen looks brighter. But college work and personal projects take up a lot of my time so it'll probably be a while before I'm done. For now, I'll admire the kitchen art I modified and printed, and think of more things to put up on the blue wall!

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  1. The color is adorable! I recently painted my desk a similar color and it reminds me of a bright(ish) vintage blue. :)

    xo, samantha

  2. That's nice. I'd love to see pictures! :)


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