Saturdays in Brooklyn

October 13, 2012

Every Saturday, the open field in front of the public library hosts a little farmer's market. I've been to it before, and had some of the yummy goodies the stalls have to offer. But I'd forgotten about it yesterday, as I made my way to the library to pick up some books I'd asked for. The pleasant surprise was only heightened when I realized I had my little buddy, my camera with me. I've been forgetting to carry it around so often that to have it with me at the right time is a real hallelujah moment these days.

My buddy worked wonderfully and I am really pleased with the pictures I took. I would've loved to have a good one of the white pigeon but the little fellow was too excited about all the crumbs on the ground to stay still long enough. I did, however, spot a frayed heart shaped black leaf on my way back, which looked really poetic fallen on the ground.

After taking pictures of the market, I visited the library, picked up the two (rather heavy)books and went to a bar nearby to meet some ladies from my book club. It was an unofficial meet so we had a fun evening talking about everything except books! A Saturday very well spent.

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  1. You live in Brooklyn? You live in Brooklyn! *sigh* GReat pictures. That leaf IS poetic.


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