DIY Paper Craft Wall Art

October 13, 2012

I craft, you craft, we all craft for wall art!

The other day, I was walking around, exploring the neighborhood and getting supplies for projects when I came across a thrift shop. My curiosity took me in and I was shocked at what all wonderful things it had! Unfortunately my hands were very full and I was far from home, so I just grabbed the item I wanted the most; a blank frame! It's made of solid, heavy wood, about 11X14 inches and cost only 3 dollars. Totally worth it, if you ask me.

I got home and placed it on the wall so that looking at it would inspire me to create something to put in it. And it did, with some help from Fabric Paper Glue (a site a friend pointed out would be one I'd like, and was totally right!)

Here's what all I used: Craft paper, magazine photos, sketchbook paper, glue, scissors and a measuring tape.

I started out by measuring my work area and deciding on the size and number of the paper hearts. When this was done, it was on to some sketching paper.

Sketching paper is a little thicker than regular one. So, it makes a good stencil for cutting shapes. I initially planned to use the patterned paper you see in the background, but then realized it would be a lot more interesting to cut out interesting images from an old, almost discarded magazine. According to my calculations, I needed nine hearts.

The images include pictures from the streets of New York City, books on display, art supplies and interesting patterns. How very apt.

I had two options for the background: bright red and florescent green. I chose the green for obvious reasons: shock and awe. The dramatic explanation is an added bonus.

Before gluing the paper properly, I tried to assess if the alignment was right. I might still have gotten it wrong, but it's a fun project so I didn't stress about it too much. Sticking the hearts was pretty simple too, I just kept checking to make sure their placements looked right.

The art now rests calmly on one of the walls in the apartment. Now to move on to the other walls.

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