October 21, 2012

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I said it before and I'll say it again, pinterest is awesome. And since I am now on the lookout for some good pieces for fall, I'm hooked to it. For those of you who aren't on it and following me, shame on you! Where have you all been? Say hello, will ya. My pinterest name is Curly Can Pin. I have a new board dedicated to fall, and it's my current obsession.

My fall shopping list has a new pair of boots occupying the top spot. I love boots, and could wear them all the time if it were possible. My last ones (the black combat boots that featured on this blog a bunch of times) literally came apart when I was out once. I recently found an old pair in my sister's shoe collection that are almost identical to those, but they look ready to follow their mates so I should probably keep looking for new ones.

Other than boots I'm also on the lookout for coats, sweaters/pullovers, leggings, etc that can be mixed and matched. Pinterest helps a lot with that because I can pick images that correspond to the ideas I have in my head. Brilliant.

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  1. These are great looks! tights and cardigans are my secret obsession. I followed you (Nomali From Soweto) Aaand I'm on day four of the level 1 Fitness plans. Those polka dot tights, that skull cardigan and last jersey... I hate that we're in summer.

  2. I'm following you too now! You have such awesome boards. :)


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