When Sandy met Brooklyn

October 31, 2012

*louie watching the storm from the window
We spent the last day and a half cooped up at home hearing loud wind and rain outside, so today when it seemed like better weather we were eager to get out and see the after effects of Sandy's wrath in our neighborhood. We stepped out to a lot of fallen leaves and dirty puddles and figured it wasn't too bad. Then we came upon fallen trees and branches at different parts of the neighborhood. And a fallen cow. It wasn't a real cow, just a hollow statue of one at the school nearby. But it still looked really sad.

Looking at the news today was pretty shocking. Everyone expected the hurricane to be bad, but no one realized how damaging it would really be till after. Mother Nature has her way of showing us her strength, and it's pretty humbling. The city is now trying to get back to normal as fast as it can. So am I.

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  1. When I saw the Disquis notifications that you had stopped by my blog I was really happy but for some reason I can't remember why, it was late so I didn't bother tying. Then this morning I remembered that it's because you're in New York and the comment meant that you were safe. I'm glad you, your family and friends made it through. The damage looks bad but it's nothing that can't be rebuilt. That cow scared me. But all in all I'm glad you're safe.

    Love from Jo'burg

    PS Sandy looks very angry and ugly in your sketch. Great depiction

  2. Thank you Nomali. Your blog was one of the things that kept me occupied when I was stuck at home, so thanks for that as well! It got pretty scary, but when I see the damage it did in parts of the city I'm so thankful that we're fine.

    Haha yeah the name doesn't do justice to the hurricane!


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