Documenting a day

October 09, 2012

Today I decided to document my day once again. The decision to do so was firstly to see how productive I could be and secondly, because I wanted to. I missed a couple of hours in the photo documentation, but all in all, I was pleased. Here's what my day looked like:

10 am: Woke up to a cold, rainy day. The bright spot to this was a pleasant hello from our pet plant, Louie. We saw Louie looking rather sad at Ikea (no place for a plant!) so we decided to give him a home. The name came to mind the second I saw him. He's doing pretty good these days.

12 am: Bundled up and left for a jog in the park. The chill made it a rather refreshing outing. That was until it began raining. Then it was just plain cold.

1 pm: Opened one of the various yummy things I got from Jackson Heights. A nice, hot parantha after a cold outing feels too good to describe.

2 pm: Took pictures for a college project that's just beginning. A major part of the project is creating a blog documenting the process of making a website. Thankfully for me, I have some experience in that, no? I'm so excited! At the end of the class, we will have designed a full website. I'll definitely share the web design and blog once it's completely done.

3 pm: Took a break from college work to work on some of my own illustrations. Yes, I have a rather warped understanding of a break.

5 pm: Rushed to class, but not before clicking pictures of the pretty trees and leaves. Fall is so beautiful, isn't it? I love how nature follows a certain color scheme for each season.

After that I attended a slow and rather boring HTML class. I have nothing against the subject, but the timing (that coincides with my coffee time) and overload of terms and data leaves me overwhelmed and a little sleepy. The day, however, was pretty productive so no complaints.

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  1. Autumn and spring are time to be around trees, just to watch nature go about its business. Should we look forward to some blog design tutorials one day? Documenting a day is a great post idea. I loved you day.

    Oh, hello Louie

  2. That's a good idea. I keep going through blog tips and tutorials, maybe one day I could write about what all I've learnt. Thanks!

    And Louie says hello right back :D

  3. Fall is just soo beautiful..I could send you some pictures of the trees here..that might incite a new idea for your blog..:)

  4. Yeah! Send them over! I'd love to see what fall looks like over there at Amherst. :)


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