Better dress up, there's a storm coming

October 28, 2012

Over the part week, my sister and I randomly took pictures of each other and I thought it was a good idea to do one post with all the outfits of the week. It gives the blog a little more order, don't you think? I'm a fan of the random ofcourse, but I look forward to particular topic posts when I read through other blogs, and I think I'll look forward to composing them for mine as well. So, let's see how it goes.

The weekend ended on a slightly negative note with hurricane Sandy making its way to the city. I made it for class before subways closed down, and for the next few days we're prepared to be homebound. We've loaded up on food and got some books handy for passing time if we experience power cuts. A lot is being said about the hurricane, and many people are worried about what's going to happen. It's going to be a rough couple of days ofcourse, but as long as people take precautions and stay indoors, they should be fine.

A professor joked that people will be fine till their ipads and playstations discharge. Then, they'll panic. It's times like these that it helps to be technologically challenged. Just saying.

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  1. One does realise the importance of such things when we are faced with such calamities..You won't believe its such a coincidence that this hurricane day falls on the same date as last years snow storm that we experienced here.
    That taught us alot,hence feel better too take good care..

  2. i love it how your shoes/tights add a pop of color to your entire outfit..

  3. Love your shoes in the first and last shots AND you seriously have the cutest dresses.

    Stay safe during Miss Sandy's reign, you and the rest of New York are in my thoughts.

  4. Thanks Nomali, we're all prepared for Sandy's visit. :)

  5. Thanks Pranali! Good to see you here again!

  6. I hope you stay safe too Shweta. Keep me posted.


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