A short trip back

October 08, 2012

My graphic tablet is misbehaving these days, and it makes me so sad. I am now back to sketching on paper, scanning and tracing on the computer which takes much longer and is extremely irritating if you ask me. The act, however, doesn't dissuade me from sketching and documenting in the little book I carry around with me.

Yesterday, a couple of friends and I explored the 'Little India' of the city, Jackson Heights. Having heard about it for a while, I was curious to see how closely it replicated my country, and I have to say, it did a good job. I felt like I'd traveled back for a few hours, and thankfully for me, the destination was overflowing with all kinds of yummy goodies. We ate chaat, samosas, chole bhature and jalebis. Yum! I also brought back food supplies that would probably last us a month. In my defense, my brain probably thought I wouldn't travel to India too often (which now seems about 45 minutes away).

I forgot my camera (yes, again!) but the diary sketches pretty much sum up my experience in the area. Pardon my poor Hindi font, I realized how illegible it was once I was done, but oh well. You get what I'm saying.

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  1. heyy... looks like you're having a lovely time.... and there ain't nothing wrong with sketching on paper... much nicer methinks! but then, i'm a bit of a traditionalist! :-P

    how's you?

  2. I totally agree. I carry atleast 3 notebooks in my bag at all times for different purposes; lists, documentation and sketching! I'm good, the city seems more familiar now and it feels like I've been here a while. How are you?


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