Training Log - Changes and plans

October 31, 2012

I am still training for a half marathon. The only thing is that I don't know which half marathon I'm training for! I was one step away from registering for the one in March. My mouse was a few inches from the 'pay now' button. It is then that my smart genes kicked in and I calculated how much it would cost to take part in it (the genes are smart, but they need some help with their speed). The registration itself was almost a hundred dollars, after which I had to add the cost of traveling to and from DC (where it's being held) and the cost of spending one night at DC. The estimated figure faded in and flew around in front of me like a Powerpoint presentation title. With a long list of items I need to get 'once I make some money and can afford it' I realized that pressing the button on that webpage wasn't a good idea. So I didn't.

I'm still training for a half marathon because I will still take part in one. I'm as sure of it as I am of the fact that Sandy is a terrible name for the hurricane (Is it me, or does it sound like a cheerleader in a bad teen flick?) I'm just looking for one in the city that's not too expensive. I'll save the more extravagant ones for when I become a pro. Any suggestions of upcoming ones will be highly appreciated.

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  1. Keep track on They have a bunch of half marathons that aren't as expensive.


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