Blocked blue

October 17, 2012

The tripod made its debut in our backyard today, as I rushed to take some pictures before running to class. The afternoon light is so beautiful, and perfect for clicking. Our backyard is quite messy right now, but it does have some treasures left behind, by previous tenants I assume. Some of these are the pretty lanterns (that I am really itching to paint, but will leave for now).

I've found some new blogs recently, which means I get very little sleep. Many of them are fashion blogs from New York City, which makes them more interesting. Now I don't come close to being a fashion blogger, and it makes sense. I know very little of the fashion world, don't keep up with trends and don't have the funds make shopping a hobby. But I love browsing through such blogs. And they all use such good cameras!

Getting back to the main topic of this post, after what seems like a lot of rambling, this skirt is my first thrift store (*clothing) find! It's warm, and I love the color. And get this, it was only a dollar. What! With the new season, I have a list of things to buy for now as well as for winter, which I'm being told will be particularly harsh this time. The first item on the agenda will be to browse through the thrift stores to see what all I can get there. Next will be to wait for sales.

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