So yeah, it's winter

January 26, 2013

For a couple of weeks now, the weather department has been threatening us with snowfall. These threats also coincided with my parents' visit, and mum for one couldn't be more excited about it. It was one of her 'must sees' here. Unfortunately, all she got were a few misguided flakes. And now, a few days after she reached India, the roads, trees and cars are covered with a thick layer of snow! She predicted something like this. Mum, you were right.

I've been stuck home with work for the past day and will be for the weekend too. But with the cold weather outside, I won't complain for too long. I braved the cold to go for a run today, and the few drops of sweat that made it to my hair from the corner of my cap froze! I guess it's time to form a plan B for my training.

I took a break from work to make this illustration. Hey, just because I can't enjoy the snow doesn't mean she can't, right? And on a related note, I must find a name to give her. Any name I think of has been vetoed by, well, me. Any suggestions?

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  1. This would make another great postcard. I've been ruined! I think from now on I'll judge your illustrations based on their postcard-cute levels. LOL, I kid. I feel really bad for your mum, she must be disappointed! How many months and how much of that will be winter until your marathon?

  2. Haha thank you! If I were to design another postcard, you would definitely be one of the recipients!

    My marathon is in March, and hopefully the cold weather will pass soon. But since it's my first winter here I can't be sure. I enjoy running outdoors, so hopefully good weather will come soon.


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