Cancun - The sun, sand, waves and whatnot

January 08, 2013

As I walk around here in the cold, my face numb from the cold gusts of air that come my way, I think of how just a few days back I was soaking the sun and digging my feet in the sand as the sound of waves enveloped me.

Cancun, you were my respite from the cold and concrete. Your scenery reminded me of a world beyond mad rushes and subway smoke. Your people were warm and friendly. Your food was delicious; even an unassuming vegetarian like me could find dishes that could put seafood to shame (there, I said it.) Your beaches talked to me. They told me to forget and live in the moment. And I did, and turned a few shades darker in the process. I may or may not see you again, but I'll always think of you fondly. Goodbye and thanks for all the chips.

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  1. Wow! It looks so glorious! I may or may not just have died from wanderlust that's gone untreated too long. *sigh*

  2. Haha don't give up just yet, many adventures await you I'm sure.


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