#13. Swim with dolphins. DONE.

January 09, 2013

I can't tell you all for how long I've wanted to swim with these adorable creatures. And at the end of last year, while on a vacation with family, I was finally able to.

Entering the dolphin reserve, I was apprehensive at first. Although it was on my list, it seemed like a commercial variation of what I had imagined. In my mind, I saw myself swimming in the sea, with these friendly mammals swimming next to me so I could grab hold of them and move faster. Then I thought; maybe, just maybe my overzealous imagination was clouding my judgement. Maybe I should take this opportunity and leave the scenario I'd created in my mind for another time. And I did. And it was awesome.

The trainers at the reserve make sure that the dolphins are comfortable. They swim in the sea, and not in a little pool of water. They're also fed really well. You're handed a pamphlet giving information about this species, and told at various parts of your day that it is really harmful to litter. People don't realize that even a stray candy wrapper thrown at the side of a street can eventually make its way to a water body and harm these lovely creatures. And why would anyone want that?

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  1. Yay! You, missy, are my hero! Today swimming with dolphins in a reserve, tomorrow swimming with them in the open ocean trying to find the Australian curren a la Finding Nemo.

  2. Yes, your comment gives me a lot of hope! Thank you :)

  3. Amazing click priya is it for real.....?

  4. Haha yes it is. I wouldn't have put it up if it wasn't.


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