Solistically speaking

January 30, 2013

My friend from college recently opened an Etsy shop, and I couldn't be happier for her! She's been making jewelry for a while, and till now she mostly targeted coffee shops and local fleas to sell them (I got a couple of beautiful rings from her at the last flea). Etsy is her official jump into the virtual world, and I wish her luck.

Her leap has also inspired me to get on and make some sellable art already! I've always wanted to do so, and keep planning it out. But there's always something else that can be done, or a different direction that could be followed. Or the 'right time'. But I've come to realize that the 'right time' is an urban legend. Like saying that you can spot Big Foot, at the right time. So I guess it's time to get over all that, and move ahead, right?

You can check out some of my friend's designs by visiting her Etsy shop

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  1. These are quite pretty. Congratulations to your friend and good luck to you, take the leap. You can do it.

  2. Thanks. Yes, very soon. Fingers crossed.


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