Let's fly around the world

February 24, 2012

I absolutely love how the blogging world has taken over the Internet now. Each week I come across many new blogs from all over the world, and I suspect I will reach the limit on the number of them I can follow very soon (I do hope there is no limit). Some time back I started following a blog called Sincerely, Kinsey. The blog is filled with wonderful photographs and DIY projects. Here is one I adored from the minute I saw it on her blog, and eventually made it on my own.

Items Needed: World map, Craft paper, Scissors, Scale, Glue, Frame.

1. It is always a good idea to gather up all your supplies before starting anything (lesson learnt.) This one is fairly simple to do, and requires more thought than action. Firstly, think of something you want to write on the map. Inspired by Kinsey, who wrote 'Let's go on an adventure', I shortened the line and wrote Adventure (the jist of the thought). Use the craft paper to write and cut out the alphabets of your thought. Measure the size of the words you need before proceeding to do this. I folded the map because I wanted it to be of certain dimensions, and luckily for me, the places I folded out were not on my list. Feel free to take as many liberties as you want. Stick the words you cut out, trying to cover more water than land.

2. Now comes the best part! Think of all the places you want to visit around the world. I personally had a list before this project showed itself. In the course of it, I even added some after research. I have always dreamt of world travel, which made the project all the more exciting for me! Use coloured craft paper to mark the various spots on the map. You can use shapes like stars or hearts to mark them. I used the unassuming circle in bright pink. Once you're done, just frame it up!

The U got bent while framing, but that's just one of the things in store for you on an adventure (ha!). The piece now hangs in the study of my house. Yes, I was able to convince the folks to let me do that, since my room is already filled with a whole lot of other things (a topic for another post). I keep looking at the map, thinking of the places I've marked. It has definitely added to my habit of drifting off while working. 

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  1. Amazing Craft!!! LOve it!!
    Been roaming around in your blog for a while now!! im Glad i found your Blog today!! :)

  2. I'm glad you found it too! :D


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