Finding your way, or maybe not

February 29, 2012

For those of you who think this post has anything to do with spirituality and life, it does not. Although every topic has something to do with life, in the bigger picture (Ok, that's all. I'm done now.) This is about the inexplicable ability for some people, and by some people I mean me, to get lost no matter where they are going.

Case in point: Last weekend. I was to go to a friend's place in Noida, and though I am very glad to say I eventually reached my destination (with a lot of guidance), there was a point at night where I had no idea where I was (I did see a sign for Agra, though). People who talk about 'letting the road take you wherever' seem to have generalized a tad.

The experience reminded me of the various other times I've gotten lost. It doesn't matter what my mode of transport may be or how close to my starting point the place may be; if the world is right, I will get lost. The funniest of such incidents would have to be when I got lost in Pune and reached a spot I am quite certain turns into a red-light area (wink wink) once its dark. The past year gave me an international experience in losing my way, when I reached the West Side of Manhattan to discover that I needed to be at the exact spot on the East Side.

I am so confident that I shall lose my way that I always leave a margin for asking directions or figuring out routes while going absolutely anywhere even a little unfamiliar. I plan to modify Popeye's catchphrases to I y'am where I y'am...and make it my own.

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