There's a story in these pages

February 07, 2012

As I rummaged through my house looking for items I knew I was never destined to find, my attention went to some old books that have been lying on a shelf for ages. I then spent the next hour or so going through these books; carefully reading the old yellow pages, examining the cover and the embossing of the titles and marveling at the beautiful illustrations on some of them. It was crazy of me to think of getting back to the work I was actually in the process of doing at that time!

There is something about an old book that is always intriguing. Much like an old door (another fascination of mine) it looks like it holds a lot of mystery. I stare at it and wonder what it's story would be, apart from the words written in it. The pages were once milky white and the smell of ink was still fresh, but that was many years ago. I think of all the people it might have met, before finding a spot of quiet oblivion on my book shelf. Each tear and discoloration was a part of its character, and added immensely to its beauty. And with all that and more that I held in my hands, I was of course, tempted to take a few pictures.

The first page of 'The Story Of My Life' by Hellen Keller

I used to love reading Enid Blyton books when I was little. This is a very old edition of one. My favorite part in her books was when the children would go on a picnic and eat scones (imagine that). Somehow all the food she would describe that would bring so much joy to the characters of the book seemed so appetizing.

I was only able to go through a few books before I was rudely awakened by my own conscious to get back to work. One day I plan to sort out all the books in the house, which will be a very painstaking task, so I'm not in a rush. But coming across these books was certainly the highlight of the day.

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