Little drops of heaven

February 22, 2012

After about a week (which seems like a lot for a person who is constantly agonizing over what to write about next), I am back. And incidentally, once again it is to talk of aged items! To talk a little of the origin of the post, a few days back a conversation with a friend got me rummaging through some of my favorite vintage finds. The older, the better if you ask me. Even though all of them were found at little stalls in hidden alleys of market places, each piece is precious to me. My favorite out of the bunch would have to be the bejeweled feather, which makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn and Pocahontas' love-child (if it were possible).

My attraction towards vintage jewelry can probably be traced back to childhood, as most things can. I would find the things my mum owned fascinating, whether they were ornate necklaces or big rings. She would tell me who they belonged to (like a great grandparent) and I would imagine them wearing it. Somehow, my imagination of the that time was always sepia-toned (weird.) I will never find myself wearing any of it, but I still enjoy occasionally staring at them intently. Now I have decided to make my own collection. It was a fairly recent decision, and I hope to make it grow in time.

On a more general note, the coming days also find me completely bogged down with a number of to-dos. Such is the scattering of thoughts that all these tasks seem to have jumbled up in my head and even though I listed them down while pretending to listen to a speech the other day, they are still quite unclear when I try to recall all of them.

One task that does come to mind is to find and read a thriller for a book club I'm a part of. Started quite recently, the club is a lot of fun. It's given me a chance to meet some very interesting people with great imagination. This month we discussed short stories and with the next month fast approaching, my indecisiveness is beginning to irritate me. I have a couple of options, but I must choose fast!

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