#21 Make a dress from scratch. done.

May 30, 2012

Well, it's finally done! After constantly changing my mind on the design of the dress, modifying it from a long, maxi dress with umbrella sleeves to a shorter summer dress with no sleeves; I am very happy with what I made! I will dedicate a whole other post to the making of the dress (which some photos of what it looked like in the former design, and the problems I had along the way which forced me to edit, thank god.) Mum was my savior in this project (a role she maintains in other things as well), and helped me out a lot! Thanks mum.

This is what it looks like now. It's all handmade, and if you were to see the uneven stitching on the insides you'd say 'of course it is!'. Mum suggests I run it through the machine so that it doesn't open up in the future, which doesn't seem like a bad idea actually. I've left the neck bare, though I want to modify it a bit in the future. I thought of making a peter pan collar after cutting the neck (which was not such a good idea.), but I find many tutorials on peter pan collar necklaces that can be just worn with the dress, so that is now my plan B.

Another item crossed off the 24 before 24 list. Now to start working on the next one!

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  1. Well, I don't understand all the dress-making talk, but I do like the dress. And your choice of backdrops for the photos.

    I had no idea you could levitate. ;-)

  2. It is a wonderful Dress ! And an even more wonderful effort !!

  3. A.Decker, I don't know much about dress-making either! Just the knowledge I've gained from mum and some tutorials. It was on my list, so gave it a shot. And, thank you!


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