Orange and blue

May 04, 2012

Well I sure have found my favorite dress for the season. This vintage find has proved to be the epitome of comfort, and as can be seen by all the creases, I've been wearing it for most of the day. Note to self: take photos before sitting around all day. I've also fallen in love with the print, which looks almost like its painted on. Aah, the joy.

Now that the Sun is dancing on all our heads its a good idea to protect said performance stage as much as possible. I have but one hat I love and choose to wear as often as I can. Now I plan to get a few more. I have also found the perfect lipstick at Colorbar, called Dressed to Impress. Unlike its name, it's quite low-key. Nude lipsticks don't really work for me and this one is just right. It's also the end of the week, so yet another reason to be happy. I think I'll celebrate by doing some yoga. Yes, my party animal ways shock me too.

In other news, I keep checking on the bird bath I made hoping to click pictures of some avian friends. However, I haven't been able to...yet. It's become an obsession now, and every time I hear some chirping I run out with the camera in hand. I think the birds are playing a prank on me.

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  1. Thank you! I found it at the local flea market in a pile of pretty unflattering things, so I'm pleased too :)


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