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May 01, 2012

A few days back, I decided to start a journal. I wanted it to be the most random book ever, holding anything that came to mind and different bits and pieces of my life right now. The main reason for this was the fact that while working I found my mind drifting constantly. I figured I might as well pour out some of the craziness into a book! It's a great outlet and could lead to inspired work in the future. You never know.

Till now I've only filled a few pages, and I intend to take my time to fill up the rest, eventually having to add pages or start a whole new one!

I have also noted down my 23 things before 24 (as can be seen above)! It's a little late to be noting and crossing them off considering that my birthday is only a few months away, but I saw it on a bunch of other blogs and reading about the joy of completing most of the items on the list really made me want to have one too. I added some items that I have gotten to do already, because they were all in the 'I always wanted to do that' list and were done this year, so yeah they count. A few were inspired by some other bloggers' lists (which is not copying, just realizing how I would like to do them too). However, the list is still stuck at 21! I will definitely share it in a whole new post once they're all noted down. For now, enjoy the randomness.

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