Travel snaps

May 12, 2012

Time really does fly when you're having a good time, and the fact is apparent as I sit and type out a post about the trip I was on last week. It was wonderful meeting old friends, some after almost a year, at a place that holds a million memories for us. Now I am back home, with many more items on my to-do list, but sufficiently recharged after the little break. I missed blogging, so it's great to get back to it with many more topics to write about. For now, here are some of the highlights of the trip (as shown in the picture collage):
  1. Getting mentally (and physically) prepared to be lifted off the ground for a couple of hours. Dramatic, yes. Over-reacting, no.
  2. Doodling my frame of mind in the flight. I was unfortunate to be accompanied on board by an extremely loud and obnoxious family that made it very apparent that there was no way out of the plane!
  3. Sitting in a jazzy taxicab on the way to a friend's place. The flower-power did nothing positive to the driver's mood, who had a perpetual sullen expression.
  4. Beaming proudly at a friend's name being published in a fashion magazine. She's a makeup artist, and did I mention that she's super talented?
  5. Getting matching mustache rings! My favorite purchase of the year.
  6. Loving the gift brought by a friend. It's a stole with birds, and my friend said it shouted my name when he spotted it in the store. So true, it's totally 'me'.
  7. Clicking pictures at the oddest spots, like a dark parking lot.
  8. Eating, a lot! The entire trip was spent munching. But then again, why wouldn't it?
  9. Preparing to go home, totally unaware of the few minutes of pure hell that would be experienced in a couple of hours. The flight I was in ran into some really terrible turbulence, and for the second time in my life on a flight, I prayed like crazy to land safely. There's no place like home, phew!

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