A week in photos

June 24, 2013

Ok, so maybe I didn't click a picture of each day, but I did capture the important stuff.

Monday: So, I've wanted to do something crafty for a while, and on Monday I finally sat down and tried a bookmark tutorial I found online. Of course, I wrote about it.

Tuesday: Turns out making the bookmark wasn't enough. So the next day I tried to think of some new jewelry designs to put on Curly Gets Creative. Couldn't come up with the best ideas, but it's a start.

Wednesday: My brother and I met for dessert, and tried the chocolate fondue at Chocolateria San Churro in GK, New Delhi. An extremely decadent dessert, I must say. But definitely recommended. A tip for the small stomached, go over there after a light dinner to fully enjoy the chocolatey goodness!

Sunday: Super moon night! At first, thanks to the thick envelope of clouds, I couldn't spot it. The thought of not being able to witness the moon in all it's glory depressed me, till I saw it peeking out of the clouds. And it was beautiful. And I sat and stared for the longest time. My camera couldn't capture it well, but the little guy tried. Did you all see the super moon? I hope you did!

I haven't been my happiest self lately, but I have a solution to it. What, you ask? Well, I assume you do. Whenever my mind is swarming with negative thoughts, I find the best solution to be to write them down. I scribble down all my worries and irritants, and then somehow, they don't seem as problematic. I link it to my habit of keeping a diary as a child. For me, it's like getting those various troubles out of my head and onto some paper. Makes sense, no? Try it!

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