Three things this Thursday

June 06, 2013

Thursday is here once again, friends. And here are three things that appeared before me, and consumed my thoughts this week.

The universe will forever shock and awe, and for celestial enthusiasts like me, the NASA website is paradise. It's filled with images, videos and news about absolutely everything. This particular image has been taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope, that maps out the Milky Way. It shows new stars blooming in parts of our galaxy that were earlier barren. Have you seen a prettier sight?

Talking about pretty sights, I have been consumed by the want to visit The Valley of Flowers, for the past few months but more so in the recent past. I'm close enough, and the time's ideal. I even found some friends who seem interested. So, basically there's no reason not to go. Who wants to join me?

Call me a sucker for the Nora Ephron brand of romantic comedies, but they don't make movies like these anymore. The dialogue, the charm, the sheer simplicity of it all. I saw When Harry Met Sally once again, and even though the main story is quite nice, my favorite parts are when the old couples talk about how they met. It. is. adorable. I recommend it for all the feel-good vibes it projects.

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  1. Aww! "The way you know about good melon." When Harry Met Sally is one of my all-time favourite romantic movies. This is just a beautiful post. I just wanna jump into the Milky Way photo and touch everything -- so what if it kills me?

  2. Haha yeah me too, let's do it!


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