Three things this Thursday

June 20, 2013

Time sure flies; I almost forgot that it's Thursday! My week's been about figuring out work, and trying to discipline myself in general after a month long engagement extravaganza. Here are three things that I came across this week.

Every week, I seem to find yet another beautiful landscape to visit in India. Is the universe sending me signs? I think it did, and eventually thought 'this puny human is daft, let me point her to a place closer to home'. Which is why I came across Asola Bhatti Sanctuary, which has a beautiful lake surrounded by flora and fauna. And it's on the outskirts of Delhi!

I love extra ordinary comics! They're always adorable, and totally my kind of humor.

Oh people at A Beautiful Mess, how many ideas you give me! I found this fun post on cocktail sticks. Must try it at the next party.

Have a good week, y'all!

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