It's a bird, it's a it's a super moon!

June 23, 2013

Space enthusiasts rejoice! Tonight is one of those nights you shouldn't spend indoors, because it's the night of the super moon. What's a super moon, you ask? Well, it's when the moon is closest to the Earth, and hence looks the largest. The image you see above (taken some years back) is a perfect depiction of the difference between a regular full moon and a super moon. It might not be as obvious to the naked eye, but hey, it's exciting still! Super moons occur a couple of times every year, but this one is the last for 2013. The next will be in August 2014. All the more reason to check it out. You can read more about it in this article.

I confess, time zones really confuse me. My time calculations for when to moon gaze went from 4:30 am to 5 pm. So, I'm just going to pick a random time at night, stare at the moon and revel in it's beauty. I suggest you do the same.

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