Saree style

June 19, 2013

It's my best friend's wedding in seven months! Since I'm in India for the summer, I need to decide on the outfits for the various functions before heading back. So, today I got mum to open up her cupboard of traditional sarees. They were all so pretty! I photographed a few, but there were more that caught my fancy. The best part was that many of them were my grandmothers', and a few belonged to my great grandmother! I have yet to decide on which ones I'll wear, but I enjoy the process as well. Afternoon well spent.

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  1. Mother's have the best sarees. I remember I wore my mum's wedding saree to a friend's wedding, but it was such an old silk saree that it tore a bit. Broke my heart into little pieces. :(

  2. That's too bad! :(

    Yeah mum showed me some beautiful ones, but warned me that they were old and prone to tearing. I'm thinking I'll take the risk.


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