Because change is the only constant

June 03, 2012

During any project, the idea one gets right at the beginning and the executed result always vary. This simple fact of life was made very obvious when I took a shot at a task off the 24 before 24 list. Making a dress came to mind after watching hours of Project Runway, where I realized how tough it was to make a good-looking garment, but was curious to make one (good-looking or otherwise) on my own. I was told numerous times that I needed a machine (and some skill) to make a wearable one. But since both were lacking, I figured I'd just wing it.

Unfortunately, I can't document the exact process of making it, because most of it was trial and a lot of error, and I didn't really follow the desired method of cutting and stitching. There is some avoidable unevenness (which thankfully isn't too obvious) and I am still to test out the durability of the piece. But, I will show you all what I almost made. There were so many problems that I had to change it up completely, thank god.

I've successfully rectified all the errors, including the frizzy hair that, well, I just tied up. That was then, and this is now. I'm so happy my lethargy didn't get the best of this project.
In reality, I'd sprain my neck trying to spot the whale. I really want to see one!

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  1. love the back of the dress and its amazing how you made a wearable piece without a sewing machine!

  2. Thank you! It was a challenge without the sewing machine, but manageable :)

  3. You did all that by hand?? That's amazing! I love the updated version. Very cute. Also, I just adore your photos.

  4. Thank you! Yes, all by hand. I'm glad I updated the design, all thanks to the problems I had in the last one :)

  5. Wow! Making my own dress or any item of clothing really, has been on my eternal must-do list. Sadly I can't sew..not even a little bit. The dress has come out so great.

  6. Thank you :D. I couldn't either, but with all the tutorials one finds online, doing the basics isn't too difficult. Try it!


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