A week in photos

June 09, 2012

Last week seems like a real blur for some reason. Even though I did enough for it to be memorable, it's cloudy when I think about it. Here's bits of what happened:

  • Monday: My good friend began working in his game design studio. So proud!
  • Tuesday: Met some old school friends, some after almost 4 years! What a fun night it was.
  • Wednesday: Lucy, my cousin's dog, is the baby of our family.
  • Thursday: Check out the nail polish my friend found. You just put it on, and it cracks!
  • Friday: Tried to negate the indulgences of the week with a healthy pasta salad.
  • Saturday: Rufus, sitting leisurely and listening to music while I work. Oh how I envy him right now.
Well, I think I'll go on a mini Seinfeld spree now and procrastinate for a while. Ciao! 

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  1. your sock monkey is the cutest :) Love his name! Did you make him yourself? I have on with red hair who makes me smile every time I see her. Crackle nail polish is super fun, perfect for mid-week nail chips.

  2. Yup, here's a link to when I made the little guy :DIY stuffed monkey


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