Curly can pin

June 26, 2012

People ask me if I am Curly, the character I illustrate. Although I usually did sketch out my own thoughts and experiences, it wasn't till now that I can truly accept it. Yes, that is me! So, when Pinterest asked me for a username, after trying many, many variations of the name I came up with 'curlycanpin'.

Pinterest sure takes up a lot of your time. I created my account in the morning, and now that I look back at my day, I find very little done besides going through the pictures and links on the site. I had to force myself to log out! Before the need to get pinning consumes me again (I feel my hand shaking to go towards the mouse to click on the Pinterest link), I thought I would make my presence known, and share my profile. Here it is.

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  1. First off, you're adorable. Secondly, I'm equally addicted to Pinterest. Welcome to the dark side!

  2. Haha thank you! Looking for you on Pinterest. Ok found and following :)

  3. I think , on the cost of repetition , you ' re doing a great job with the blog ! Hoping to learn and discover new things with you in the future ! Good job Priya ! :)

  4. Thank you, AK!! I look forward to it too :)


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