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June 22, 2012

Last Sunday's book club meet was definitely the best. Even though we missed a few familiar faces, the topic of biographies meant that we were all in for a really interesting discussion. I spoke about Hellen Keller, and got to hear about Kurt Cobain, Paulo Coelho, Alfred Hitchcock, Michelangelo and a few tit-bits on Hitler. Talk about people of the world!

Even though the discussion lived up to its anticipation, I am biased towards the last meet. This is because Aakanksha, the creator and admin of Delhi Book Club gifted me the cutest book ever! It's called The Little Book of Hindu Deities, and is written and illustrated by Sanjay Patel.

This book is now the most visually pleasing piece of literature I own. I'm blown away by the coherence of all the illustrations (more than 150) and the fearless use of color on every single page without making it loud and illegible. Each page has been given importance (even the last, with the ever-popular Om Shanti. Brilliant!). I must confess that I knew very little of the many deities in Hindu scriptures, so this book was informative as well.

A big thanks to Aakanksha and Delhi Book Club for this heart-warming gift. It gives me great joy to own such a wonderful book.

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  1. This is adorable and looks so interesting, too! I would love to join a book club!

  2. Yeah join one! I'm so glad I joined this one, I've met so many interesting people and discussed stories from all over the world. It's a treat :D


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