A week in photos

June 23, 2012

Thanks to the new camera, I can now take proper pictures of each day of the week (my phone camera is basic, to say the least.)

  • Monday: Mapped out the work and blog week.
  • Tuesday: Went shopping with a friend, and after a spree of disappointing shop entries and exits, finally found things that made the day a success!
  • Wednesday: Took a sick-day, and watched a whole lot of Seinfeld and America's Next Top Model.
  • Thursday: Cooled the body (and mind) with some green ice tea.
  • Friday: Made colorful ice cubes using pineapple and strawberry pulp.
  • Saturday: Tried my hand at baking a chocolate mug cake with low-fat butter-cream frosting, using a combination of recipes provided by a friend and the internet. Well, I'll be honest, it wasn't a success. But I plan a round 2 very soon.
I hope everyone enjoys their weekend; I know I will.

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