A week in photos

June 02, 2012

Another week gone by faster than one can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (which really doesn't mean anything you know!), and here's some of what I did.

  • Monday: Jotted down the tasks of the week. Ticking them off gives you a sense of accomplishment like no other; I recommend a weekly goal list it to all.
  • Tuesday: Worked on some characters for an illustration project. Thankfully the concepts were very well received. Phew!
  • Wednesday: Tried to channel the 60s (or wait, 50s? no, 70s. Hmm, well let's just say a different time and call it a day).
  • Thursday: Continued in the effort to eat healthy with a cottage cheese, olive, tomato and capsicum dish with bread. Followed by ice cream, so I'd say it was a balanced meal. Ha!
  • Friday: Began reading 'The Story of My Life' by Helen Keller for the next book club meet. It's wonderful so far.
  • Saturday: Entertained myself by taking photos at a red light, while on my way to meet an old school friend who's visiting from abroad.
The weekend has been lovely so far, and tomorrow looks bright too (literally and figuratively!). Happy weekend to all!

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