A week in photos

June 17, 2012

A day late but still relevant, eh?

  • Monday:Trying on some old clothes to see if they still fit. They do. What a relief!
  • Tuesday: Working the day away. Fun wallpapers always help, don't they?
  • Wednesday: Singing 'I'm blue (da ba di..)' thanks to my monotone outfit.
  • Thursday: Admiring the yummy looking food my sister makes, thanks to Whatsapp.
  • Friday: Braving the Delhi heat (it touched 45 degrees. Yikes!) Not without my sunglasses.
  • Saturday: The beginning of a weekend-long eating spree, which has gotten me swearing off food (atleast for the next couple of hours. Ha!)
Today is also father's day, and I spent a fun evening out with the folks. So all in all, a successful weekend.

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