Cameras and filters

June 21, 2012

Top to bottom effects: Fisheye, toy camera, monochrome, miniature, super vivid and poster.

My new point-and-shoot camera is finally here! It's the Canon Powershot A2200, in case anyone was wondering. It was brought to my doorsteps by a rather surly gentleman in the middle of a hot, sunny afternoon, and considering how I felt like I was burning when I stepped out to get it, I don't blame his foul mood. I was eager to use it, so after waiting impatiently for the battery to charge, I took some shots.

The first series of photographs I tried was using the creative filters. I'd read about them in reviews while researching, and who wouldn't want to start with those? The filters are so much fun, and even though they can't be used all the time, they're perfect to give more character to everyday photographs, once in a while. My favorites of the bunch were the toy camera, miniature and poster effects.

Starting from the top, the fisheye effect is the most odd, and I will probably use it least. On a not-so-unrelated topic, no wonder fish look so scared when they see us. How distorted we must look to them! The toy camera fades to black, and has three different display modes:Standard, warm and cool. I tried the standard one. The monochrome is exactly what the name suggests. What more can I say? The miniature focuses on a small area of the frame and blurs out the rest. The super vivid (which made me look quite red and scary) really intensifies the colors in the shot. I must try this one with some flowers. The last, poster, softens the shot.

Well, enough playing around with the camera. Must get back to work now!

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